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Discord $30k Account Challenge

It's the end of the year and everyone is feeling the big push of their goals. I know I am. I wanted to do this challenge because it's just enough time to do one before the end of the year and it's my birthday September 1 and I want to do something fun. So come join me in the discord and even if you don't win the account challenge, maybe you will learn something new or meet some new trading friends.

This is the Sept 2021 30k push excel sheet. You can edit it for your own goals if you want and add in your daily balances to keep up with your account projection. There are two rows of numbers on the sheet the number is how many contracts and the dollar value is how much is made on that day. The sheet is pre-filled loosely based on pdt rules of trading 3 times a week assuming a smaller account size and making a goal of $15 per trade. The trades can be anything. Clips, swings, stocks, options, it's more about picking something you can scale. I encourage you to change the numbers around, play with it, and see how gains and losses make it work out by the end of the 15 weeks.

If you need help joining the discord or editing the excel message me on discord or IG to get the fastest reply or use the contact form on the website and I'll get to you as soon as I can.

Image by Alexander Shatov
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